It's time for Science Class

emoji science


 It’s amazing how a bit of emoji sweetens up any subject… We really love this project by General Electric called ‘emoji science’ - especially the videos with Bill Nye, the grooviest science teacher we have ever encountered!

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Carla Gannis - Special Feature


Meet Carla Gannis, a hero of ours! She’s the artist that created the amazing ‘Garden of Emoji Delights’ - one of the earliest and most impressive examples of emoji in fine art.

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Get creative, emoji style!

emoji art 

We love emoji art. And there is a lot of creative talent in cyberspace! We have set out to collect and curate the best pieces on instagram, Tumblr and elsewhere. Featuring them on our Instagram, we hope to inspire you and make you smile... Check out some of it in this gallery, and come follow us on Instagram today.

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How much do you know about emoji?

emoji quiz - the basics


We use emoji all the time when texting someone, because we love them! But what do we actually know about emoji? Try our fun little 2 minute Emoji Quiz - The Basics and see how much you really know

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'Digital Mirrors' - Special Feature

Alex Garant "Forbidden Fruit" (2015) oil on canvas

In this special feature we are thrilled to present Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, currently having a group show called ‘Digital Mirrors’, featuring 17 artists tackling 17 of the modern ways we share our emotions. This is emoji fine art at its best!

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