Next level diversity

Our emoji vocabulary is expanding with every unicode version and with regular software updates on our digital devices - and we are grateful for that. But still we dream of many new emoji and features that we are missing today...

One emoji does not fit all

We got the skintone diversity options with the latest update to unicode, based on the Fitzpatrick scale. That was a really great improvement.

But how about other diversity options for emoji? Like the red wine to rosé to white wine emoji spoof we posted last week... We could think of a lot of other emoji that could do well by more color options! A next level feature that would make emoji even more fun by adding options for extra personalised expression and conversations.

For example, perhaps you are not exactly the pink nail polish type..? No problem:


next level nail polish emoji


Developing new emoji

This dream possibly will not come true with the next update to unicode, but it is actually very possible to have an influence on the development of emoji by actively suggesting and petitioning to the Unicode Consortium (the entity that decides and supplies all the basic codes for emoji and other glyphs used in computer programming - more on this in a later post).

At we are exactly working to create a community for emoji enthusiasts of all kinds - from novice to professor - to bring new ideas and creativity to the table. And ultimately, we will be able to develop and petition new emoji in corporation with the Unicode Consortium. Would that be great or what?!

So follow our journey and participate with your input - it might just be your idea for a new emoji that will come true with the next update...


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